High Speed Presses of the Highest Quality

Kyori knuckle link presses are known around the world for their high performance, pinpoint precision and ease of operation. The Kyori VX series presses are among the industry’s most powerful link motion presses, and its fine-tuned features can provide your facility with increased productivity, longer tool life and high efficiency without sacrificing quality.


  • Consistent accuracy and precision for automated blanking and bending operations
  • Low maintenance costs from the rugged and proven design of more than 4,000 installed presses.
  • Ease of tool set-up and storage from integrated press and feed controls with the Vamco SR series feeds.
  • Increased tool life and part quality from knuckle link motion creating a slower slide movement through bottom-dead-center.
  • Bottom-deade-center stays at 180° no matter the stroke length, allowing faster die change times and feed set-up.
  • No need for thermal or dynamic stroke length compensation mechanisms creating less complicated drive mechanism