ANEX Series

Kyori link motion presses are known around the World for their high performance, pinpoint precision and ease of operation. The Kyori ANEX series presses are among the industry’s most powerful link motion presses, and its fine-tuned features can provide your facility with increased productivity, longer tool life and high efficiency without sacrificing quality.


  • High dynamic link motion fixed stroke design
  • Modern, high-performance press control in modular design A lot of different Stroke length available for delivery
  • Highly efficient drive technology ensuring lower CO2 footprint BDM position and crank angle position will not be changed
  • Bottom-dead-center position and crank angle position will not be changed
  • Customized customer solutions with standard components
  • Industry 4.0 capable via OPC-UA interface
  • Kyori link motion design:
    • Creating a slower slide movement through bottom-dead-center
    • Particularly advantageous for forming operations / Optimum part quality
    • 8-point needle roller bearing, installed in long guideways to prevent the ram from tilting under off-center loads
  • Option for higher upper die weight