Nidec SYS: Our Story


In 1994, the company Systeme + Steuerungen in Großarmschlag was founded.


Development of the PACO 800 punching pack controller for the electric motor industry. Used for the production of rotor-stator stacks. Our stacking control is one of the best in the world.


The high-speed servo feed was developed in 2000 and has been continuously developed since then.


In 2002, Plant 1 with an area of 1240 square meters was built at the current location in Reismühle.


The SHP 200 servo screw press with a pressing force of 20 tons was developed in 2009. Since then, it has been continuously developed further, resulting in a variety of press types with press forces between 8 and 125 tons.


Development of the PCS100 press control system in 2013.


Since 2012 and until 2019 several facility expansions occured withing Nidec SYS. This has allow the company to expand its production capacities have enough space for old presses that need to be refurbished.


In 2019, Systeme + Steuerungen GmbH was acquired by Nidec, which led to new opportunities and growth for the company. Systeme + Steuerungen GmbH was renamed Nidec SYS GmbH and will establish the group’s Kyori high-speed presses on the European market in the future.


A new future is ahead of us. Currently working on the construction of a 5.000 sqm plant Nidec SYS is seeding the future in the heart of Bavaria

Wide Experience in High-Speed Stamping

Nidec SYS is characterized by precision and the development of a product portfolio adapted to the High-Speed segment. Its product portfolio includes high-speed feeders for ultra-fast presses, control panels for the integration of peripherals with the presses and a very high know-how in the retrofitting of high-speed presses. 

The wide experience of Nidec SYS in the high-speed stamping market has favored, through the synergies of Nidec Press & Automation, the start of production in Europe of Kyori presses. 

Kyori is a Japanese brand founded more than 30 years ago. Right now, the leading brand of presses in the stamping of electronic components in the market. With innovation as its flagship, the team of engineers and technicians of Nidec SYS develops and produces these presses with manufacturing in Germany. 

Nidec Press & Automation
One Brand. A World of Resources.

SYS is part of the global Nidec Press & Automation group of companies.

By combining the expertise, experience, and resources of industry leaders in the metal forming market, Nidec Press & Automation has established a single-source solution for machinery, services, and technology.

Nidec Press & Automation brings together Minster, Arisa, Kyori, Vamco, SYS, Automatic Feed and CHS products to the market, allowing combined synergies to offer efficient, cost-effective and timely integrated solutions to manufacturers looking for increased production and profits.