PACO PC Stack Control

Main Selling Points:

  • Powerful PC-controlled manufacturing system for rotor-stator production.
  • Stackingcontroland feed control combined in one unit
  • Uniform operating concept
  • Powerful stacking control with AC servo drives from 11.4 Nm to 150 Nm
  • Synchronous push/pull feed system
  • Integrated,synchronous scrap cutter
  • Integratedlaserstrip-thickness-measuring-system

Performance Features

• Max. 24 servo drives are supported

• 12 configurable stacking channels

• Max. 100 detents per channel

• Max. 9 separators per channel

• Shift register for synchronization of the most different slider arrangement, in the toolcontrol-position of the sliders, programmable

• Max. stacking height can be adjusted in “continuous run”

• Strip-feeding device

• Monitoring of only one end position also possible

• Ejection control per channel

• Control counter for signal monitoring

• Conveyor belt control per channel

• Query counter

• Count stroke rate or second pulse

• Freely selectable for the basic channel and the extensions

• Sheet thickness dependent twisting (alpha/beta angle)

• Visualization of engine positioning behavior

• Package ejector per channel

• Time monitoring

• End position monitoring

• Packet height correction per channel